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Anxiety Reduction Techniques

Matrix Re-Imprinting & Right Brain Therapy


 Matrix Re-Imprinting

 When we experience a trauma, which means any time we go from fight or flight into the freeze response, we dissociate from our bodies at that age. That part of us never stops experiencing that trauma at a subconscious level, it stays with us. When something occurs in your life that triggers that old memory there will be a re-traumatization.

This technique will help you not only release and heal the old trauma but will also address the negative beliefs or decisions made at that time. These beliefs could include:-

"I'm unlovable",

"The world is a dangerous place",

"People I love will abandon me"

"I must be in control all the time"


These negative beliefs create anxiety, stress and often depression.

These negative beliefs can lie at the very root of anxiety, stress or depression. With Matrix Re-Imprinting we can choose, adopt and integrate new positive beliefs that can be life-enhancing rather than detrimental to our well being.

Right Brain Therapy

Thanks to the progressive development in the last decade in neuroscience, we are just beginning to understand that our brains are not hard-wired after all but are rather fluid and changeable. This is very good news as it means because of the brain's flexibility, issues related to our brain are workable and change can happen both in function and structure.

In addition, we now have a greater understanding of the right hemisphere of the brain - the home of the unconscious mind which deals with the management of our emotions and non-verbal communication as well as relationships, coping with stress, empathy, trust, identification with others and identity. With Right Brain Therapy, we can access and rewire old limiting patterns. Old ways of feeling or behaviour may be loosened up and replaced by a more harmonious emotional world that also has greater spontaneity and flexibility.