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 I first met Carolina when doing one of her weekend EFT courses. Her story was genuinely sad and touching, and yet to see the dynamic, happy, strong, empathetic woman in front of me was astounding - truly. She worked on herself using the skills she practices, and changed herself and her life, releasing past suffering, guilt, shame. During my subsequent sessions with her, she helped me release many dark, old, twisted (and totally obsolete) experiences and memories that felt embedded and stuck. She did this with intuition, insight, empathy, sensitivity, humour and lack of judgment. It seems that those who have overcome their greatest obstacles in life and who understand what it is to suffer, often want to help others and Carolina embodies this. If you’re even slightly curious that she could help you, get in touch. You will not be disappointed, and have your peace and freedom to gain.

R.J Nelson, NZ

I turned up for my first session with Carolina after already trying counselling and not wanting to see a doctor for my feelings of anxiety, mother guilt and a deep worry of how I was going to support myself on my own after my marriage break up. I had no idea what EFT and Right Brain therapy was but I was open to try a more holistic approach. After just one session I was impressed and by my second session, I was hooked. I felt such a release of emotions and Carolina’s nurturing professionalism and humour over the following months helped me to build up my self worth and confidence, empowering me to feel like me again. I looked forward to my sessions and left feeling lighter and stronger, releasing old beliefs around “I’m not good enough.” Carolina is a true healer, someone I trust and highly recommend.

During the time I spent in therapy at Anxiety and Stress Clinic Richmond, I was presented with many helpful practices, which aided in my recovery from traumatic experiences I had encountered in my past. I was amazed at how effective the methods Carolina provided me were in my quick recovery from problems I had experienced for so long.

At first, I was sceptical of how effective EFT would be in aiding me with my recovery process. However, I was amazed at the results I had after just two weeks of daily sessions. EFT was extremely effective in helping me to reframe experiences from my past that had haunted me for years. I would have never believed that therapy could be so effective in such a short amount of time. My life was completely changed from the work that I accomplished in Nelson working with Carolina. I was able to begin to control my drinking habits, as well as ultimately quit smoking, and to recover relationships with my family and friends that had been severely lacking for a very long time.

For the first time in my recent life, I am now comfortable about who I am and actually looking forward to the future.

I owe all of the progress I have made over the past two years to my encounters with Carolina and the EFT process. I would recommend the A&S Clinic to anybody who has suffered from any kind of traumatic event in the past, is dealing with anxiety or depression, or who seeks to better themselves as a human being. Carolina will be understanding, professional, and helpful to any person seeking her services.


There are few people in the world I have met like Carolina Kerridge, and I highly recommend her practice to anybody in need of help in their life.


Jacob S Colorado, USA

"Thank you, Carolina, for supporting me to navigate, experience & heal a historic ‘wound’.   For me (someone for whom trust, with this type of thing, is a BIGGIE) your empathy, confidence, and skill as a practitioner made it simple & straightforward.  I am being so much more authentic since my sessions with you.  My relationships with ‘significant others’ in my life have been freer, clearer and ‘cleaner’ and in fact more enjoyable as a result. THANK YOU."


"I was a broken mess back in October 2014, all aspects of my life seemed too hard.  I had tried physio, acupuncture, chiropractors for my back, neck & hip pain, I had been to counselling and many different therapists for my emotional state and nothing had changed. I was totally depressed and felt that this was just how it was going to be forever and nobody could help me.  Here I was 38years old feeling like I was in a 90-year-old body..then I reconnected with Carolina...THANK GOODNESS!!! 7 months on and I have pain free days, I am running again, have a straight back after years and years, I can see the light of situations and handle things so much better.  Things that were once HUGE problems I can now deal with so differently, I see that the 'stuff' I once held onto, now doesn't matter at all & the people that would walk all over me can no longer do that!  I am a different person thanks to Carolina and her EFT, the tears I was able to freely shed without shame, feeling completely safe, the trust I felt in her, and nonjudgmental sessions. 
I hold my hand on my heart and thank you again, Carolina :-)".

Lauren, Nelson, NZ


I was recommended by my doctor to look at some kind of counselling to help relieve stress after what had been a very traumatic eighteen months of health concerns regarding myself and partner. I investigated through the internet and found Carolina Kerridge, Holistic Therapist, EFT Practitioner.

My initial experience with EFT was “out of this world” it was just so unbelievable that the soothing voice of Carolina could install the sense of calmness and better thoughts were able to replace the negative ones. It was like making a new movie in your brain replacing an old and disturbing movie. This especially covered a time of deep distress following a hospital incident.

Over the ensuing weeks I was able to put this experience behind me and view it in a different manner like it didn’t matter anymore. I had a very good new movie to think about. A traumatic event that happened in my life in 1992 which caused me stress from time to time was also “put to rest” through using EFT.

By the end of the sessions, I felt so peaceful and had my life back under control again and it has stayed that way.

Other benefits in which Carolina has helped me with is meditation instruction and anti-inflammatory changes in my diet, both have helped me enormously.

Working with Carolina has been a pleasure, she is the most gifted and caring person. One leaves after a session with Carolina feeling so good.

I would highly recommend the EFT treatment to anyone requiring help with stress, anxiety, depression insomnia etc.

Margaret, Nelson.


"My search for happiness lead me to Carolina. For a long time, I had questioned being here. I didn't feel like I belonged. What was the use of it all, for what purpose? I wanted to feel settled and content.
While I had a basic understanding of EFT I had no idea how it could make a difference to me.  The process seemed quite simple. With each session I was taken on a journey, unravelling things that had happened in my past that were continuing to affect my day to day interactions with people and how I viewed life in general.   
As I continued seeing Carolina and having sessions - things, tensions, old ways of thinking and behaving just slipped away and I began to change. It was amazing to have my initial intake notes read to me after a couple of months of sessions. It is difficult for me to believe that that was who I was when I had my first session.
I would recommend Carolina to anyone who wants to make lasting changes in themselves and their lives.
Thank you Carolina."  

Jude Twin -Nelson, NZ

I have had 4 maybe 5 sessions of EFT with Carolina at her Heartstream Wellness.
I have found Carolina to be completely supportive and not at all judgemental and most importantly I feel safe. Due to my traumatic childhood, I needed a real level of trust which I can honestly say I feel with Carolina.
She has all the qualities I personally need in order to open my heart.
At first, I had some idea that this was going to be airy-fairy... I have found the sessions to be quite the opposite.
Carolina has a lot wisdom...she is compassionate and also has a background in Law. These qualities shine through.
Every time I come away from a session I feel a little less weight off my shoulders.
And it is truly helping me drop old negative habits and most importantly improve my relationship with family.
I come away with a new perspective of my past...always in a more positive light.
In a nutshell, I have been holding onto belief systems that simply were not true, many of them have caused me years of suffering.
I have recently committed to 10 EFT sessions, but what I have truly committed to is dealing with all my old issues. 

And I am very grateful to Carolina for dedicating her practice to helping others heal. I highly recommend Carolina and the EFT process". 

Keri, Nelson, NZ

"I love working with Carolina. I always feel I am in capable hands. She is very warm and caring. Her enlightened perspective makes her a real allie on the path to wholeness. 
After each session, I feel light and clear and so grateful to have discovered EFT!
I come to a session when I am in emotional pain due to old issues surfacing. One session takes me from a place of feeling I am unable to function in my life to that of feeling effective, engaged and hopeful again."


Helen, Aromatherapist, UK

" My first session with Carolina I can only describe my experience as wonderful. I saw life clearer following the session and walked away freely-relieved of my past. Looking towards the future with a fresh new perspective and a spring in my step. Carolina's soft approach made the experience so comfortable. Thank you Carolina. You have given me such a gift"

Andrea, Nelson NZ

"I have had the pleasure of receiving EFT treatments from Carolina for the past few months.  I already knew Carolina in a social setting and felt comfortable with her in venturing into a technique that I was unfamiliar with.   I had heard a lot about EFT, and although open to the practice, was a little hesitant at the beginning, but Carolina was professional from the get-go and took the time to have a thorough consultation prior to our first session.  Carolina was able to explain the process, making me feel at ease.  The surroundings are private, comfortable, and relaxing adding to making me feel at ease.  I have found Carolina to be non judgemental and supportive throughout the treatments.  

 I would highly recommend EFT to anyone looking to deal with any issue that is troubling them or inhibiting them; but would like to add that if you are fortunate enough to live in the area where Carolina practices from, then having Carolina as your guide is a very good idea indeed".


Belinda, Nelson, NZ


Tracy Goddard, Brightwater, NZ