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Following any distressing or life-threatening event, psychological trauma can set in. Sufferers may develop emotional issues such as extreme anxiety, anger, sadness, survivor's guilt or PTSD.  They may have ongoing problems with sleep or physical pain, trouble with their personal and professional relationships and low self-esteem issues. Talk therapy can help with coping strategies but will not solve the physiological or biochemical body response to trauma.

EFT is designed, on the other hand, to help reduce the intensity and impact of prior traumatic events. These events can often underly many conditions such as anxiety disorders, stress, depression and addiction.

As a brain-based somatic release technique, it tackles trauma where it is produced in the brain. Stress gets locked into the body so being a somatic approach it releases stress from the body too. 

 As a result, the trauma is released and memories can be retained without emotional traumatic intensity. This allows the healing of the original trauma.